My biggest inspiration is YOU! 
I love couples in love and getting to tell their story as they dance in the sun in a beautiful city or snuggle in the snow on a secluded mountain. No matter the place or occasion, I can promise you this - sun drenched images full of joy! 
Come along with me for an adventure you didn't even know your heart was craving. 

Let's get the ball rolling.

More About Us

Hi, I'm Brianna!
An adventure photographer based out of Knoxville, Tennessee forever chasing the sun with my rockstar clients! Each one of my sessions is a thrilling experience that awakens my spirit. When my adventure cup has been filled to the brim, you'll find me in my natural habitat - probably lounging in pj's with snacks and a good binge-worthy show with our pups Gus and Kona. 

I'm so inspired by the natural world around me - the sea, the stars, and feeling the earth through bare feet. It's what makes me feel alive!

Simply, I love adventures.

Why photos should matter to you too.

I am a storyteller...

I am not a picky person when it comes to traveling. I don't have a must see place. I just love Earth and it is a blessing to explore any part of it!

Going where my heart desires

One of my best trips had to be when I was in college. I spent my last bit of money to visit Costa Rica when I was 18. Still don't regret it. It changed me!

Chasing Waterfalls

Puppy snuggles on the couch.

There is no better way to spend a free day than snacks by the river, a book or two, and some exhilarating dips in cold water!

Appreciating Nature

Exercise is a great outlet for me and has recently became my favorite thing. I enjoy dancing, yoga, and weightlifting. 


In my free time...

what to expect