Ramble Creek

I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding in one of the most gorgeous wedding venues in East Tennessee! The venue was perfect as you can see from the images. Everything flowed smoothly and the staff were amazing. I absolutely loved it! Ramble Creek matches my simple and elegant style. It's so easy to photograph and customize to fit your style. (A huge plus is their food, it's the best ever.) Below are some of my favorites! 


The Process of a Photo Session.

Ever wondered how a photography session works? Read below!

Hey! I’ve noticed I always post pictures but I don’t do a lot of talking so my page can feel kinda like a robot is running it! I wanted to do a few blog posts, but I figured these two can run into one. I wanted to first, initiate conversation. If you’re like me, I can chat and love to, BUT starting it is my issue. I’m a really go with the flow type person and if someone isn’t initiating, I’m just relaxing.. which with a business, maybe that’s not the best approach.. I always wait for people to see my work and come to me. To send me a message, or email, and ask how to book with me. I figured, why am I not telling people how simple it really is to book with me? Why do I not initiate THAT conversation with you all? I do all of the work for you. You just tell me what you want. I’m going to walk you through a session with BLP! 


I respond to all of my messages personally so there may be an hour or two delay. (Never text and drive or text during a session unless it’s family.) I have messages from Instagram, my personal Facebook, my business Facebook, email, and texts/calls.

I explain most of my sessions take place in the afternoon to capture a series of “moods.” We start with the bright afternoon look, Golden sunset, and the relaxing blue hour after the sun has gone down. I want the full range! This gives my clients the scheduling information they need. They know it will be later in the day, so after that I ask for them to send 1-2 dates they have available during those hours. (Remember 1 hour shoot and travel time plus getting ready.) If I have it, they’re booked! That easy.

We then discuss ideas, locations, and outfits. We keep in contact until the date. I’ll send a message the day of confirming they will make it. Rescheduling happens. It’s disappointing, but life is life.

We arrive at the location I’ll have my clients sign a contract. Nothing serious it just states they’re aware I own my images but they have permission to download/print/post/use them as well as myself. It states I’ve been paid, and overall, that the session took place. I am paid in full the day of.

Weddings are a bit different, but it’s the same easy process with a meeting involved and a payment plan.

During the session I’ll ask if you have any ideas or requests. We walk around chasing the perfect lighting. I pose my clients but often times after a while they kinda get the hang of it and they’ll naturally flow and suggest ideas which is great because I want you to get everything you need out of our session. I don’t want you to leave feeling like you didn’t get a fulfilling experience.

I come home, back the images up, and begin editing. Within a few weeks you’ll receive your images on an online gallery with download access!

Send a message if you have any questions and send a day you’re available! Let’s work together.


Selfie Tips for this New Year's Eve!


Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018! As a photographer, iphone user, and instagram abuser, I know the struggle for a perfect selfie ESPECIALLY looking cute in the winter. Here are 5 things I keep in mind when getting my picture taken! 

  1. Flash- If you are near a pretty powerful light source and you want to see the background, I would say no to flash, but sometimes you have to use it. Front facing flashes are softer for close-ups. Facing light is always best.
  2. Makeup-In pictures makeup doesn't always show up, I'd say wear more than usual if you're wanting to show off some red lips and a popping highlighter. (Plus it's New Year's Eve.. go for it!)
  3. Ghostly Foundation- This is most likely because your foundation has sunscreen. This could cause a super white face. When looking for foundation keep in mind foundation may get orange overtime AND foundations containing sunscreen may make your face appear white in photos. A dewy finish may be best with tons of bronzer to bring color and life back! 
  4. Angles- Work it! If someone is taking a photo of you or you're taking the picture, hold the camera slightly above your head shooting downwards and raise your chin upwards. Fake laughs are the best because they turn into real ones. Try to have a "fun" look in your eyes! Slight head tilts are always cute! 
  5.  Hands- Play with your hair, place a hand on your face and act surprised, even if it's just of your face pose your whole body and place your free hand on your hip. This will adjust your shoulders for a natural slant. 

Brianna Lynn, Hickory Valley Farms, and The Knot!


The Story 

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen my work plus an amazing couple that I photographed ended up on a page ran by The Knot! I am SO excited about this and have a ton to say so let's get into it! 


The Knot

The Knot is one of the most well-known wedding planning companies. Their main Instagram account has over one million followers and they are known for sharing beautiful wedding inspiration. For their company to feature us is an honor! We were featured by "How he Asked." more specifically, which is a connected account sharing the best proposal stories. 

Alison and Patrick 

 "It was always my dream to get married where I grew up – which is a beautiful farm, in a quaint little town, filled with the best memories. That’s what makes it special, right?"

Engagement Photography Hickory Valley Farms

On their first date Patrick picked Alison up and they were wearing practically the same outfit! This is not surprising to me because their outfits for the shoot came together so well! I loved their style. Fast forwarding to the proposal, Alison, her family, and Patrick had been working on redoing their barn into a wedding venue. Alison had hopes of being the first married there, and had no idea her wish would come true! As Alison and Patrick headed to the barn to work, her dad mentioned a new piece to the barn doors and told her to go take a look. When she came around the corner there was a sign saying, "Opening Date 2018" with a question mark underneath. On the question mark Patrick had asked, "marry me?" Of course she said yes! 


Read the full story here: https://howheasked.com/alison-and-patrick/


Brianna Lynn Photography

On the way to the shoot I was looking at the sun, looking at the shadows, the colors, the light, calculating the places and poses. In the car I was praying; not necessarily for this specific shoot, just for positive things to happen in my life. Sometimes we all get down on ourselves and this session helped me. It's an amazing feeling for your art to be valued, accepted, and shared. I can't wait to work with them on their wedding! I can't wait to be apart of this love story, but also be apart of the community. Their Venue will be opening in 2018 in Union County, Tennessee; a small scenic town made of hills and farms. 

Hickory Valley Farms: https://www.facebook.com/HickoryValleyFarmsTN/


Brianna Lynn Photography Engagement Hickory Valley Farms

What inspires my editing style

My editing is different than most, which is a good thing! This is great for clients and other photographers. We all have the freedom to choose who we want and edit how we like. I want to showcase my editing and my thought process a little more. I love life, nature, real moments, raw beauty, and I think my editing shows that. I want to bring out Earth in my photography, this is why I shoot outside when I can. I love the earthy tones my editing has. My photographs will look natural in an office as headshots, on your living room wall as family portraits, in a wedding album, as long as you appreciate life and real moments, my photography style will suit you. It's a subtle arsty vibe accompanied with professionalism. I like the simple things that make a bold statement. 

Model and also another local photographer: https://www.facebook.com/freebirdphotography17/


My Journey and how it influences my photography today.

Hi! First blog post on my new website so I just wanted to say thank you for coming and reading! 

My photography journey started when I was young, I'd say around 5/6. I vividly remember car rides and looking out of the window. I was relaxed, content, and had a great sense of appreciation for the world. I wanted to remember the beauty I was seeing, sunsets, flowers, buildings, etc. This is where my love for pictures came from. My family has always been big on documenting life, even from their own childhood, and mine as well. Between the home videos and photographs I'd spend all day reminiscing whenever I was allowed to pull out the totes of pictures. That's the emotion I want to evoke with my photography, joy and a type of art that is special to you, something that gives you those happy emotions. Something special to us is that my grandfather always recorded family events (of course that is something I had to document because I will want to see that in a few years from now! Also, look at our fridge.. Those are my baby pictures) I like the real moments that matter. Him recording these home videos and taking photographs sparked an interest. I wanted to help, but I was too young. Once I figured out how to do it myself, I think that's when he retired as the family videographer. Lol. I found our digital camera and I basically stole it- which I still have in my desk with pictures from 2010! I would take pictures of everything, batteries did not last at my house. Every birthday gift would be a new camera since then. I am so so so glad that my grandfather believed in me and he purchased my first professional equipment. I practiced on everything and everyone I could! From there I photographed friends and family which slowly turned into a business. I've read countless books, articles, and watched plenty of videos, purchased 5 or more classes throughout the years, and spent hours studying on my own. I have been photographing regularly for two years now, and I hope for many more! It's my happiness.