Wedding Collection 2,500

Second photographer?

I love working with other creatives! I personally prefer a second photographer during the ceremony for multiple angles. I like to be the sole photographer during the day to ensure the quality is consistent. However, this is your day and an additional photographer can absolutely be hired on. Their prices range from 50-100 per hour. 

An everyday session covers portraits, couples, senior sessions, maternity, and family sessions. You can expect to spend 60-75 minutes exploring around getting the best shots. 


Gear List and Tricky Lighting?

I shoot with a Nikon z6ii and I use my Nikon D750 as a backup. If there were any malfunctions I have two other cameras to use. My lenses include 24-70, 35, 50, 85, and 70-200. I prefer natural light but no worries! During night time I am experienced in using flashes which I will have two of.

Yes. If you are eloping or just having a smaller more intimate wedding I am there for it! Send me a message  and let's discuss your needs.
If you would like more hours that is an option too!

While I am at your wedding I try my best to blend in. I am respectful of everyone's space including the venue's. When it comes to posing I will tell everyone exactly what to do. Other than that I am all over the place, engaging in small talk, meeting your family, getting the best angles, and if I get a break in the day I am probably chugging an energy drink and eating a lunchable. I have an emergency kit in my car which includes bug spray, sewing kit, tide stain remover, and Band-Aids. I am there for you!

What should I expect? 

Can I view a full Gallery?

Upon booking there is a flat 500 dollar retainer fee. This is to cover the costs of our meetings and resources before the wedding. It is also to ensure you are in my books and I will not take on any other jobs the day of your wedding. 
After your amazing day has come to an end I immediately back up your images before I ever edit them. Editing can take between 4-8 weeks especially during busy season. After editing your photos I then send them to your doorstep and backup the edited files as well. After you have recieved your images I will then delete them off the original memory card.

The process?

Yes, of course. Send a message requesting a full gallery preview.

With any other session you can expect an hour or longer session somewhere in the wild during sunset! You will receive 100-150 images back on an online gallery. They are full resolution and can be downloaded. I prefer at least an hour to meet, talk, walk around, find good spots, and change your outfit. If you are looking for a 30 minute session send a message! I know with kids it's hard to keep their attention for long.

What about Everyday Sessions?

Can i change my hours?

I keep retouching minimal. I color correct and enhance the mood of the day. I will also remove any distracting blemishes or scratches that aren't supposed to be there. If you have accidentally spilled something on your dress most of the time edits can be made to remove it.

I do not hold back when taking photos. My mindset is "if this were my wedding what would I want?" and that includes every candid laughter shot, every funny accidental moment, and every "I love you." You can expect approximately 60-100 images per hour that I am there.

How Many Images should I expect?


Everyday Session 250

There are so many amazing souls out there to take your photographs. There are so many options and choices. Planning a wedding is hard. I want to make things short and sweet for you!

-26 page Wedding Guide
-full resolution images
-wooden usb flashdrive

-60-75 minute shoot time
-100-150 digital images
-Full resolution IMAGES
-delivered on an online gallery

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