What inspires my editing style

My editing is different than most, which is a good thing! This is great for clients and other photographers. We all have the freedom to choose who we want and edit how we like. I want to showcase my editing and my thought process a little more. I love life, nature, real moments, raw beauty, and I think my editing shows that. I want to bring out Earth in my photography, this is why I shoot outside when I can. I love the earthy tones my editing has. My photographs will look natural in an office as headshots, on your living room wall as family portraits, in a wedding album, as long as you appreciate life and real moments, my photography style will suit you. It's a subtle arsty vibe accompanied with professionalism. I like the simple things that make a bold statement. 

Model and also another local photographer: https://www.facebook.com/freebirdphotography17/