My Journey and how it influences my photography today.

Hi! First blog post on my new website so I just wanted to say thank you for coming and reading! 

My photography journey started when I was young, I'd say around 5/6. I vividly remember car rides and looking out of the window. I was relaxed, content, and had a great sense of appreciation for the world. I wanted to remember the beauty I was seeing, sunsets, flowers, buildings, etc. This is where my love for pictures came from. My family has always been big on documenting life, even from their own childhood, and mine as well. Between the home videos and photographs I'd spend all day reminiscing whenever I was allowed to pull out the totes of pictures. That's the emotion I want to evoke with my photography, joy and a type of art that is special to you, something that gives you those happy emotions. Something special to us is that my grandfather always recorded family events (of course that is something I had to document because I will want to see that in a few years from now! Also, look at our fridge.. Those are my baby pictures) I like the real moments that matter. Him recording these home videos and taking photographs sparked an interest. I wanted to help, but I was too young. Once I figured out how to do it myself, I think that's when he retired as the family videographer. Lol. I found our digital camera and I basically stole it- which I still have in my desk with pictures from 2010! I would take pictures of everything, batteries did not last at my house. Every birthday gift would be a new camera since then. I am so so so glad that my grandfather believed in me and he purchased my first professional equipment. I practiced on everything and everyone I could! From there I photographed friends and family which slowly turned into a business. I've read countless books, articles, and watched plenty of videos, purchased 5 or more classes throughout the years, and spent hours studying on my own. I have been photographing regularly for two years now, and I hope for many more! It's my happiness.