The Process of a Photo Session.

Ever wondered how a photography session works? Read below!

Hey! I’ve noticed I always post pictures but I don’t do a lot of talking so my page can feel kinda like a robot is running it! I wanted to do a few blog posts, but I figured these two can run into one. I wanted to first, initiate conversation. If you’re like me, I can chat and love to, BUT starting it is my issue. I’m a really go with the flow type person and if someone isn’t initiating, I’m just relaxing.. which with a business, maybe that’s not the best approach.. I always wait for people to see my work and come to me. To send me a message, or email, and ask how to book with me. I figured, why am I not telling people how simple it really is to book with me? Why do I not initiate THAT conversation with you all? I do all of the work for you. You just tell me what you want. I’m going to walk you through a session with BLP! 


I respond to all of my messages personally so there may be an hour or two delay. (Never text and drive or text during a session unless it’s family.) I have messages from Instagram, my personal Facebook, my business Facebook, email, and texts/calls.

I explain most of my sessions take place in the afternoon to capture a series of “moods.” We start with the bright afternoon look, Golden sunset, and the relaxing blue hour after the sun has gone down. I want the full range! This gives my clients the scheduling information they need. They know it will be later in the day, so after that I ask for them to send 1-2 dates they have available during those hours. (Remember 1 hour shoot and travel time plus getting ready.) If I have it, they’re booked! That easy.

We then discuss ideas, locations, and outfits. We keep in contact until the date. I’ll send a message the day of confirming they will make it. Rescheduling happens. It’s disappointing, but life is life.

We arrive at the location I’ll have my clients sign a contract. Nothing serious it just states they’re aware I own my images but they have permission to download/print/post/use them as well as myself. It states I’ve been paid, and overall, that the session took place. I am paid in full the day of.

Weddings are a bit different, but it’s the same easy process with a meeting involved and a payment plan.

During the session I’ll ask if you have any ideas or requests. We walk around chasing the perfect lighting. I pose my clients but often times after a while they kinda get the hang of it and they’ll naturally flow and suggest ideas which is great because I want you to get everything you need out of our session. I don’t want you to leave feeling like you didn’t get a fulfilling experience.

I come home, back the images up, and begin editing. Within a few weeks you’ll receive your images on an online gallery with download access!

Send a message if you have any questions and send a day you’re available! Let’s work together.