Selfie Tips for this New Year's Eve!


Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018! As a photographer, iphone user, and instagram abuser, I know the struggle for a perfect selfie ESPECIALLY looking cute in the winter. Here are 5 things I keep in mind when getting my picture taken! 

  1. Flash- If you are near a pretty powerful light source and you want to see the background, I would say no to flash, but sometimes you have to use it. Front facing flashes are softer for close-ups. Facing light is always best.
  2. Makeup-In pictures makeup doesn't always show up, I'd say wear more than usual if you're wanting to show off some red lips and a popping highlighter. (Plus it's New Year's Eve.. go for it!)
  3. Ghostly Foundation- This is most likely because your foundation has sunscreen. This could cause a super white face. When looking for foundation keep in mind foundation may get orange overtime AND foundations containing sunscreen may make your face appear white in photos. A dewy finish may be best with tons of bronzer to bring color and life back! 
  4. Angles- Work it! If someone is taking a photo of you or you're taking the picture, hold the camera slightly above your head shooting downwards and raise your chin upwards. Fake laughs are the best because they turn into real ones. Try to have a "fun" look in your eyes! Slight head tilts are always cute! 
  5.  Hands- Play with your hair, place a hand on your face and act surprised, even if it's just of your face pose your whole body and place your free hand on your hip. This will adjust your shoulders for a natural slant.